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Weekend recap

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Adam and I took a trip to Reno for a quick weekend getaway.  It was not your normal weekend getaway.  His local mom and pop pharmacy, called Sunshine Pharmacy, hosts a bus trip to Reno every year.  This was our first time going.  You sign up, pay the money and just show up.  Since this is a local neighborhood pharmacy, you have a huge age range of people attending this yearly event.  Regardless of how old you were or how many of these bus trips you have been on, there were no boundaries. Just people, some strangers meeting for the first time, some old time buddies, all in one bus. All ready for a good time!

Here is what the trip included: the round trip bus ride, a his and hers goodie bag (which included deodorant, nail file, floss, scratchers ticket, candy, etc), a bagged lunch, unlimited alcohol on the bus ride (both ways) complete with bartenders, a one night stay at a hotel, and a $5 food credit.  It was effortless.  As you got off the bus, they handed you your room key (no check-in involved) and when it was time to check out, they collected your luggage from your room and brought it to the bus for you!  Let’s just say, there was a lot of gambling, drinking, eating and very little sleep.  I may have lost some money but I feel like I gained a family.

Thank you Sunshine Pharmacy!  We will be seeing you next year and the year after and the year after.  It will now be our tradition.

Side note: There was a balloon couple on the bus.  Yes, Adam had them make me a heart and a corsage.  It was his way of making it up to me after spilling my Bloody Mary all over me!  He handed me the heart and said “I love you.”


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