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Nom Nom

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For those of you who don’t know, my cholesterol levels suck. BAD. HORRIBLE. I should be dead levels.  I decided to stop eating red meat in November 2010. Don’t get me wrong. I love meat AND bacon but I decided my health was more important.  However, The Counter just opened up in the nearby town. I always said when I decide to eat red meat again, I will eat a burger from The Counter.  The. Best. Burgers. Ever!

It’s a place where you can custom build your own burger.  The options and the possibilities are endless.  Take a look at the menu for yourself. You start by picking what kind of meat, then how many pounds of meat! After that, comes the cheese. Talk about cheese baby. We are not talking about sliced American cheese that are individually wrapped either. Next comes toppings. You get to choose four toppings. No, not lettuce and tomatoes (well you can but that’s boring). I mean, sun dried tomatoes or organic mix blend or roasted red peppers or, or, or. Just when you think there couldn’t be any more options, you get to pick a sauce. These sauces are to die for and make your burger just a little more special.  Lastly, you get to the pick type of bun you want! If you don’t want a bun, you can get it served up in a bowl!

You can’t forget fries to go with that burger. And I don’t mean McDonald fries that don’t go bad after several years.  McDonald’s doesn’t have these options: regular, sweet potato or Parmesan cheese fries.  If you can’t decide, you can get a plate of all three combined!  Without further ado, here is my burger…

I ordered a 1/3 lb beef burger on a wheat bun with herbed goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, grilled onions and lettuce.
Sauce: honey mustard.

Couldn’t decide on the fries so we got all three.  We ate some before I took the picture.  Sauce: Chipotle Aioli.

I hope you have The Counter nearby because you will never eat a burger from anywhere else!

Bon Appetit!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

One thought on “Nom Nom

  1. Oh… wow… that looks… awesome…

    We don’t have one here, thank goodness. Otherwise, I’d weigh 300 lbs!!

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