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Reverb11 Day 6: ROTFLMFAO

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What made you laugh this year?

This is a hard one for me. Truly. Is it hard because I hardly laughed this year? It is hard because I didn’t find anything to laugh about? It actually makes me sad to think I didn’t laugh this year.  Maybe nothing resonates with me at this very moment.

…(Ten minutes later)

This should not be something that made me laugh and I am a horrible person for laughing at this but it was…funny.

My best friend Vicky’s mother fell and broker her hip (not funny).  She has been in the hospital for weeks now for rehabilitation after surgery.  I went to the hospital to pick up Vicky’s father.  We were off to have dinner with Vicky.  Once we got to the car, I asked him if he had enough room to get in on the passenger side since I was parked up against a curb with bushes.  He said he did.  However, as I was getting into my car, I looked over and he was toppling over into the bushes (still not funny)!  I quickly got out and ran over to him.  PLEASE! I HOPE HE DIDN’T BREAK HIS HIP! PLEASE NO!! ! It would be all my fault.  How will Vicky handle BOTH parents with broken hips.  All I have to say is thank goodness for bushes because it broke his fall and he was a-ok!

First thing he said to me once he was settled into the passenger seat, “Don’t tell Victoria.  She has enough going on right now with her mother.”  Well of course I had to tell her but we were going to dinner WITH her father and I wouldn’t dare say anything in front of him.  This is where I began texting Vicky (with her dad sitting in the middle of us) while waiting to be seated for dinner.

Me: Your dad fell getting into my car. Landed in the bushes. He told me not tell you. He tripped on the curb.
Vicky: What kind of nurse are you?
Me: I helped him up.
Vicky: Oh geez. Thanks!
Me: Any time. At least he landed in the bushes. It was kinda funny.
Vicky: Well good thing I don’t need to get an adjoining room.

This my friend is the conversation that made me laugh to tears and as I wrote this blog, I couldn’t stop laughing which lead me to tears again!  What are best friends for!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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