Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

We Go Together

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                                 Source: notebookoflove.com via Michelle on Pinterest


How can someone who is so far away (1257 miles to be exact) make you feel so alive? Loved? Happy?  We come from two very different worlds.  Opposites who attract yet so similar.  Feelings that came rushing in like a broken dam.  Feelings that came out of the clear blue skies. Feelings so overwhelming, you can’t breathe. Think. Speak. Feelings you can’t quite explain. Feelings you can’t ignore.  Feelings you can’t put into a box and bury in the sand and pretend they aren’t there. Everything feels right. Each touch. Each kiss. Every conversation. Every shared stories.

Each everything.

Your heart pounds in your chest and you feel like it’s going to explode like Hiroshima.  Every beat brings you two closer together in ways that cannot be explained by words.  Your head, heart and gut are aligned.  There is nothing telling you not to go for it. Not to feel. Not to be happy.  Not to see where this takes you…

We go together.


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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