Whatever you say,

does it really matter?


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                                           Source: sueswink.tumblr.com via Sue on Pinterest


My favorite place in my house is my bed. It’s a queen size bed centered in the middle of a brick-red colored wall blanketed with a down comforter. To the right of my bed is a window. The blinds to that window stay up all day and night. At some point during the evening on a clear night, the moon illuminates my bed (and my face). It usually wakes me up but I don’t mind. It’s bright. It’s beautiful. And it comforts me as I stare at it knowing that even though we are miles apart, you are staring at the moon too. It brings me close to you for a brief moment, it fills my heart with love and I smile.

The moon soothes me into a slumber.


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

One thought on “Moonlight

  1. i love everything about this. that we’re all under the same moon, but especially that “one” person. xo

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