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Big Sur Weekend

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This was my first time in Big Sur.  And I am quite embarrassed to say that knowing I was born and raised in San Francisco.  It is only a quick 2 hour drive south and I decided to go (after going to court for a speeding ticket…different story).  There seriously aren’t any words to describe its beauty. So I will just show you how beautiful it is (as beautiful as my iPhone will let me)!

The Coastline

We drove along the coastline headed north to Carmel where we would stay for the weekend (in this fabulous place).  We stopped off at a few points to take some photos along the way.

Breakfast parfait delivered to our door with the morning paper



The Nepenthe statue and restaurant (here see for yourself) are amazing.  The views from up here…spectacular!  A must if you ever go to Big Sur.  There is a cute seating area outside with pillows where you can eat and drink.  We drank!

McWay Falls

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park


Canyon Falls

After staying the night in Carmel and doing nothing but eating and drinking, we drove back into Big Sur and went to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (per recommendation).  We took a short hike up to Canyon Falls and a stroll down to McWay Falls.  There are so many state parks to visit.  It it quite impossible to see them all in a quick weekend.  So we will be going back to see what other beauties Big Sur has to offer.

Bixby Bridge

We couldn’t leave Big Sur without taking a picture of Bixby Creek Bridge…the most photographed feature of the West Coast.  It amazes me how they built this 714 foot concrete span into the side of a mountain.  It is breathtaking!

The Lonely Cypress

We ended our trip by taking the 17 Mile Drive home.  We drove (as long as you followed the red dashed line dividing the road) through endless golf courses and ginormous mansions .  Upon entering the 17 Mile Drive and paying $10, the Lonely Cypress Tree was the only thing to impress us.

Next trip to Big Sur will be for camping!

Have you been to Big Sur?  Where did you go, see, stay?


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