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It Made Me Smile

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I used to try to find the pleasure in daily things.  But it kinda fizzled. Life happened.   So I am trying to be more aware of the simple pleasures in life.  This week I paid attention and this is what made me smile.

1.  Had lunch by myself, took  in the beautiful warm weather, and was kissed by the sun.  No book.  No phone.  Just me. Myself and I.

2. Laughed with a friend who told me “people are used to you being so negative and it’s fine.”  It was funny because it’s true…most of the time.

3.  Talked with a friend about taking a trip to Italy and then a cruise to Greek Islands.  We started looking into it and I think it’s going to really happen this time!

4. Woke up at 6:00 am, rolled over to look at my window and saw the moon still shining bright.  It was beautiful.

5. While driving to work, I saw the sunrise.

6. Nothing like hearing your favorite song on the radio while driving to work!

7.  Stopped to take a picture of my beautiful city on my way home.

8.  I had an ah-ha moment while talking to my best friend’s father.  He enlightened me with his knowledge and now I feel relieved, re-focused and motivated.

9.  While visiting my best friend, I was invited to go to Greece with them in Summer 2013!  I have never been overseas and this will be a great experience, especially since I am sharing it with wonderful people.

10.  I ran into my ex boyfriend’s father.  Yes, it made me smile.  It was good to see him.  He even showed me a picture of my ex with his new baby and I can honestly say I am truly happy for him.

11. Viewed over and over again a photo video montage someone dear to my heart put together for us.

12. Scored these!

13. Saw the Blue Angels practice!


15. My new glasses!

I feel so smart and can see clearly now…


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Not a bad week!  I hope you lovies had a fabulous week! I sure did!

Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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