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Letting Go

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couldn’t have said it better. A new season is a time of letting go, starting fresh, removing the things that have been weighing you down. Reading her blog made me realize I have been doing just that.

I am letting go of the things I cannot change and just letting things happen…in their natural course.

                                                                             Source: via Michelle on Pinterest


I’m letting go of my anger and focusing on things…little or big…that make me smile.

I’m letting go of the need to please people and focusing on what makes me happy, not everyone else.

I’m letting go of worrying about my future…husband, house, children.  Since I am single, I will just be selfish in the meantime.

I’m letting go of toxic relationships, relationships that don’t make me a better person, relationships that are one-way, relationships that are exhausting.

                                                                     Source: oprah.com via Michelle on Pinterest


I’m letting go of my bad habits, such as complaining about the people I work with.  They are who they are and I am learning to accept them for all their differences.

I’m letting go of extra weight I have gained.  I’m done feeling “weighed” down and I am letting go. Ten down, ten to go and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m letting go and just letting life happen. I am screaming it from the rooftops.  I’m leaving EVERYTHING in the hands of God for He has a plan. Letting go is hard, but sometime holding one is harder.   Letting go doesn’t mean you are giving up.  It simply means you are accepting  there are things that can’t be.  “It’s a good time to let go and make way for the new.”  It’s time to let go.  It’ll be ok.

                                            Source: icecreamisbetterwithafork.tumblr.com via Michelle on Pinterest


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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