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The Recurring Floating Dream


In one month, I have had the same dream of floating in the air.  I recall being confused and scared while floating and frantically tried to “ground” myself.  I eventually woke up from this dream once I was grounded.  Today, I decided to look up what does floating in a dream mean and here it what I found:

To dream that you are floating on air indicates satisfaction, contentment and acceptance of some situation. You are letting go of your problems and rising above obstacles. You are experiencing new-found freedom and gaining a new perspective on things. Nothing seems overwhelming or too difficult to handle. Alternatively, floating in your dream suggests that you are wandering through life aimlessly with no goals. You are just going with the flow.

I don’t think I will be so afraid the next time I dream about floating.  I think I will embrace it and accept it.  And now, after reading this, it is exactly how I am feeling these days.  Satisfied. Content. I am letting go of my past and my previous relationships and moving forward.  I feel free and at ease. I feel like I am finally living the life I am supposed to be…stress-free and happy.  Happy.  It has been a long time since I have been really, truly, genuinely happy.  Happy!

Have any of you had a recurring dream?


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

2 thoughts on “The Recurring Floating Dream

  1. even i am getting the same dream from last 2 months.

  2. I’ve felt like it was real. I even tried to pinch and hit myself to convince myself to wake up and it didn’t work. It was also in my house so it seemed very real

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