Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

It Made Me Smile


In this edition of “It Made Me Smile…”

1. The San Francisco Giants win the World Series!  I am so proud to be a San Francisco native!

2.  Learning to be more patient with my sister really made me smile.  I took care of her after a long day of work and didn’t snap at her, which is a good thing.  I was proud of myself!

3.  Having lunch with a friend and laughing the whole time.  Not to mention the food was delicious!

4.  I won two blog giveaways in a day from Positively Present and Decadence for Divas. Thank you both. I feel truly blessed! And for those of you who haven’t yet GO CHECK OUT BOTH THEIR BLOGS! These ladies rock!

5. Are you sure we are in November? Because the weather sure doesn’t make it feel like it.  Can’t complain!

6.  Looking forward to all the things coming up next week! Feeling blessed!


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

2 thoughts on “It Made Me Smile

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