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It Made Me Smile

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This week was a great week filled with friends, moments, memories, food, and new beginnings.

1. Lunch with my lunch boo: This is something I can get used to.  He is a great man. Funny, kind, genuine, caring, passionate and all wrapped up in a cute package.  I’ve never had a lunch boo.  For those of you who don’t know what a lunch boo is, it’s someone you have lunch with on a regular, weekly basis, sometimes more than once a week.

2. Stay positive package: Love love love it.  Read about it here.


4. Fertility: I mentioned in a previous post  I was considering fertility preservation.  I still plan on writing a post about it but just wanted to mention, the news is good.

5. Dinner with Les:  A friend was here on a business trip and we met for dinner, which turned into dinner and drink, which turned into drinks and fabulous conversation.  I will never be bored in his presence.  I feel blessed to have such an amazing, understanding friend, who I know I can always lean on.  Here’s a picture of the dessert we shared, which I have to mention terrified me since he is allergic to strawberries (or was at one point).

7. Texas:  I am on my way to Fort Worth to have a girls weekend with my friend Jen! Jen is an amazing, smart, beautiful, strong woman.  And like Les, I feel blessed to have such a great friend I can always count on.

Have a fabulous holiday weekend lovies.  xxx

Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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