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Single Woman’s Bucket List…Update!

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lens1960483_1313388179bucket_listBack in November 2011, I wrote a “Single Woman’s Bucket List, based on an article in Glamour and when I was single.  I am no longer single.  However, I thought it was a good time to review this list, make some changes (indicated in bold) and give some updates (indicated  in italics).  Here it goes….

To Build Your Confidence…

1. Go to a movie alone.

2. Work out regularly.  It doesn’t have to be the gym but do something active DAILY.  

3. Try surfing, water-skiing, or some activity you don’t already know how to do. Could be riding a bicycle.  I think I should tackle this little problem I have of open waters.  

4. Take out the trash, set a mousetrap, do your taxes, build a bookcase.

5. Live alone.

6. Train for (and finish) a huge physical test like a half-marathon.

7. Go to a scary doctor’s appointment by yourself.

8. Quit your job. It feels so good to take a job and shove it (and not be affecting anyone else’s livelihood).

9. Fly to a foreign country by yourself.  I have flown to Mexico several times alone.  I know it’s not so foreign but it counts, right?

10. Learn to stand up for yourself.

To Be Able to Look Back and Say “I Had Fun”…

11. Witness something once-in-a-lifetime, like Jokulsarlon, a lake next to a melting glacier in Iceland.

12. Do something daring, like sky diving or bungee jumping.  I bought a living social deal to sky dive so I am committed to doing it now.  Yikes! 

13. Get drunk during the day, just because you can.

14. Go on a date with someone who actually makes you nervous. This happened on March 16, 2013.  I thought I was going to throw up for the first hour of the date.  

15. Go out with an older man who takes you somewhere nice and makes you feel like a million bucks.

16. Go out with a guy who makes you laugh ‘til it hurts. This too happened on my date mentioned in #14 and has happened every day since.

To Get Perspective…

17.  Be a good wingwoman. It’s not always about you.

18. Go a day or a week without using the Internet or social media.  

19. Volunteer.

To Make You Appreciate the Next Guy…

20. Do at least one Valentine’s Day alone.  I had a “Single Awareness
Party on Valentine’s Day.  Everyone who was single had to bring someone else to the party that was single of the opposite sex.  Good times! 

21. Attend a wedding (or 15) alone.

22. Date the creeps. You’ll really value the nice guys afterward. I am officially done dating the creeps.  Never again! I can say I have found quit the gentleman.  See #14 and #16 above.   Hmmm, maybe I should write a blog about this magical March 14th date and how it all began.  It’s quite a story.   

To Make You Feel Sexy and Attractive…

23. Buy yourself some flowersIt’s part of my weekly shopping at Trader Joe’s.  I even decided to pick some flowers from my backyard, which smell heavenly and which I didn’t realize existed since I NEVER go into my backyard.  I know.  That’s weird, right?  Oh well.   

24. Invest in a LBD (little black dress) and some sexy stilettos. I have several little black dresses and seriously need to stop shopping online. 

25. Sit at a bar by yourself and drink a martini. Cool. I’d like to cross this one off as completed because I have done this several times while my friends go outside to smoke and left me there for a LOOOONG time.  I don’t care what you say, it counts! 😀 

26. Buy something frivolous and expensive that you LOVE wearing.

To Make the Most of Your Free Time…

27. Finish all your schooling if you can. Not that it was ever my goal to go to grad school, but I did.  But I will never stop learning and considering going back again and getting another Master’s degree.  I am such an over achiever.  😀 

28. Throw yourself into something time-consuming, like learning a foreign language. You may not have time to do this again until you retire and the kids are off to college.  I registered online at Duolingo to learn Spanish.  It’s free! 

To Make Yourself a Better Partner in the Future…

29. Make a list of all your faults.  I haven’t made a list but we sure have talked about it.  Maybe I will start a list just to make sure I am not forgetting anything.  

30. Learn to cook well. Spaghetti and Meatballs anyone?  

31. Get some hobbies. Something’s gotta keep you occupied—plus it’ll make you seem interesting. Blogging and scrap booking are it! 

32. Let your married friends edit your online dating profile.  Even though I do not have an online dating profile, I decided to leave this one for those of you who do.  It sounds interesting and honest!

33. Get your finances in order.   I am officially out of debt and it feels  AH-MAZING.  I will no longer buy anything I cannot pay cash for.  No cash.  No buying.  No exceptions! It’s the rule! 

To Appreciate Being Single…

34. Babysit someone’s baby for an hour.

35. Help a friend through her divorce or a bad break-up.  I was there for her and she was there for me.  

36. Host a girls-only night. I think some coupled-up women forget how much we need each other.

I don’t think I did so bad.  There are still things on the list I will knock out!

Next: Pre-Baby Bucket List! Ideas? 


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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