Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

It’s Never #Quiet

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It’s Never Quiet

I live in San Francisco.  
I live in a house near a busy street, where buses and cars travel all day and night.
I live near two schools and a probation center. 
I live in a house where the TV is always on.
I live in an old house that settles all the time.
I work in a busy office building on the fifth floor.
I work in a cubicle where people don’t know what it means to be quiet.
I wear headphones and listen to music Monday through Friday 8-4 to drown out the background noise.  Ironic, I know.
I drive a car through traffic.
Cars.  Motorcycles.  Very loud ones. 
Muni. Underground trains. 
Garbage trucks.  Street sweepers.  Lawn mowers.  Leaf blowers.
Homeless people.
People.  Lots of them. 
Talking.  Screaming. Laughing.
Birds chirping. 
Dogs barking.
Cats meowing.  Cats in heat.
Wind and rain. 
Dishwasher. Wash machine.  Dryer.  Vacuum. 
Alarm clock.
Coffee maker. 
Ringing phones. 
Heart beating.
It’s never quiet.
How do you find quiet in all the #noise?  


Author: Michelle

Just a woman finally finding herself!

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