Whatever you say,

does it really matter?

About Me

Hi! I’m Michelle!

Me in a nutshell: a nurse, a wanna be blogger/photographer but I don’t own a camera (it’s one of my aspirations), an organizer, a feng-shuier and insomniac.  One day I hope to be a wife and mother.

Random likes: the smell of lavender, penguins, cheese, sushi, cooking, baking, positive people with positive energy, chocolate, jamoca almond fudge ice cream, martini’s, tea parties, fresh flowers, jewelry, heels, Disneyland, anything Apple, my Kindle, my bed!

Random dislikes: duck, octopus, cleaning floors and windows, clutter.

This blog used to be about my relationships.  I am now in a different place in my life.  I am feeling empowered, content and have a new outlook on life.  This blog will no longer focus on relationships with men but other aspects of my life that make me…me!  It will be full of nonsense, randomness, quotes, health, nursing, food or whatever else that intrigues me at that moment.

What ever you say….


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